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We have 13 genera listed under M

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Macleaya Kelways Coral Plume
Magnolia Betty
Magnolia Galaxy
Magnolia George Henry Kern
Magnolia grandiflora Exmouth
Magnolia grandiflora Goliath
Mahoberberis aquisargentii
Mahonia confusa
Mahonia japonica Bealei Group
Mahonia  media Lionel Fortescue
Mahonia  media Winter Sun
Melaleuca gibbosa
Melianthus major
Metrosideros Moonlight = Lowmoo
Michelia figo
Miscanthus sinensis Abundance
Miscanthus sin. var. cond. Cosmopolitan
Miscanthus sinensis Ferner Osten
Miscanthus sinensis Morning Light (v)
Myrtus communis
Luma apiculata Glanleam Gold (v)
Myrtus communis subsp. tarentina
Ugni molinae

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